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How do I redeem my digital gift card at a restaurant?

Using the Benefit app at a restaurant is easy. Let’s use Applebee’s as an example. You get the ticket from your waitress. Find the total and figure what you would like to tip. For example, the total is $56.89. You would like to tip $11. In the app, find Applebee’s and buy a gift card for $67.89.
Write down the gift card number on the ticket and give it to the waitress, telling her that you wrote down a gift card number. She will take the ticket, type in the gift card number, and bring the ticket back to you for a signature. Write down your $11 tip and the total of $67.89, just as you would as if you had paid with your debit/credit card. The process should be very similar at every restaurant. If the restaurant you are visiting has table tablets, like most Applebee’s locations, you can pay at the table by typing in the gift card on the table tablet under the “Pay” tab.

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