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Get to the Choppa!

More than likely this is an internal error. While our goal is perfection, due to your location, strength of cell signal or wifi, we can't always be perfect. While this saddens us greatly, it's no reason to give up. Here are various things you can do to resolve the dreaded Choppa error. 

1. Ensure you are connected to either cell or wifi.

2. Be sure that if you are using public wifi you have logged in properly. It might look connected in your top phone menu bar, but to be sure, try to go to a well known website, like Google or CNN. If it doesn't work, you're not connected.

3. Restart your app. Sometimes apps do funky things and a good reset is all that's needed to get you back up and running. You do this by going to settings and tapping on logout. 

4. Uninstall/reinstall. This should really be a last resort, but sometimes to ensure you are on the latest version of Benefit a good reinstall is the best course of action. 

If these things don't work for you please contact and we will get to the bottom of it. 

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