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Can contributions go to a specific child/family at the school/church?

The Benefit account administrator has the option to turn on the option to select an individual within a campaign. When the admin for the account is setting up the campaign, they put a check next to the box that says, "Yes. Make the user designate an individual to support."

When Grandma Smith in Florida makes a purchase in the app, she can elect to give her donation to little Billy Jones at Greenview Elementary in California. She simply has to go to the Beneficiaries section in the app, find Greenview Elementary, and enter Billy Jones as the recipient. She only needs to do this once. From then on, all her purchases in the app will apply to Billy's account. 

The same goes for a family trying to raise funds for a mission trip. Grandma Smith can enter "The Jones Family" as the recipient for her donations to Southern Nazarene, for example.

The admin for the school can sort the reports based on the child's name or family name. This way, she doesn't have to figure out who Grandma Smith was trying to donate to. 



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