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How do I promote Benefit?

Great question. 

You can promote Benefit to your donors several ways. If you're an administrator for your Benefit account, you can log into your dashboard to find materials. Click on the "Promote" tab. There you will find handouts, sample emails, and more.

1. Familiarize yourself with the app. The best way to promote the app is to use it yourself. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

2. Send emails. Sending a custom email directly from your organization to your donors/members/parents is the best way to get information out. You can use the sample emails we provide in the reporting tool under "Promote" or you can type your own. You can also click on "Invite donors" in the dashboard. However, that email will come directly from Benefit, and if they're not familiar with Benefit, they may ignore it or mark it as spam.

3. Social media. Feel free to share our Facebook posts, Re-tweet our tweets on Twitter, and forward our weekly emails. We also have an Instagram (@benefitmobile) and Pinterest account.

4. Share videos. There are several videos on our YouTube channel. Watch them and share your favorites. Benefit YouTube channel

5. Get creative. Some schools have ordered stickers from Benefit to pass out to parents. Parents put the small stickers on their credit card, and it's a small reminder at the point of sale. The stickers are very effective at reminding parents/donors to pay with the app instead of their credit card.  You can also order shopping lists for donors to put on their refrigerator. Seeing the Benefit name every time you open the fridge or look at the shopping list is a good reminder as well. 

6. Share ideas. What has worked for you?

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