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How secure is my payment information?

Benefit is very serious about securing customer information. 

When a user enters their checking account information, it is not stored in the app or on our servers. We store all banking information with SynapseFi. If someone were to hack our servers, they would not find banking information. If a user loses their phone, someone would not be able to get bank account numbers from their phone. SynapseFi has an FAQ section for their security practices:

We store credit card information with PayPal, also known as Braintree. Again, no info is stored in the app or on our servers. Most people recognize and trust the PayPal name. PayPal's security practices are found here:

We also recommend using the pin code in the app, which will prevent another person or child from opening the app to use it without permission.

If you lose your phone, a hacker will not be able to access payment information from the Benefit app. However, if you do not have your pin lock set, they will be able to access gift cards or purchase additional gift cards. Always keep a pin lock on the app. If you lose your phone, and aren't sure if your pin lock is set, you should contact us at so we can turn off your account. 

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