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Cucumber means that your Benefit account is locked due to an incorrect payment verification amount being entered in the app. 

When you enter a credit card within the app, Benefit has to verify that the account is active and owned by you. We do this by debiting your payment account $1-2 dollars.* You are debited 24 hours after adding the account in Benefit. We then ask you to locate that amount on your online statement, and enter it into the app. Once entered correctly, your payment account is verified and you can begin making purchases. Please note that when a small withdrawal occurs that the amount is reimbursed within 24 hours. 

If entered incorrectly, you will receive a cucumber message and your Benefit account is frozen. This is because the system assumes there is potential fraud and wants to ensure that no charges are placed on the entered payment methods. 

If you receive a cucumber error please notify for a one time reset and another chance at entering the verification amount correctly. If the error happens twice, the payment method is rejected permanently. 

* Please note that on occasion users will see another debit of $1 on their statement. This is not the verification amount we are looking for. This is a test meant to see if the card is legitimate and is sent by our processor, Braintree. This charge is immediately reimbursed.

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