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Why do I have to verify my payment method, and how does it work?

Benefit takes payment security seriously. We want our customers to have absolute confidence in how we handle their private payment information. One of our ways of doing that is to request that our users verify their payment methods. This ensures that every credit card and checking account entered into the app belongs to the owner of those accounts. Here is how we verify your account:

1. You enter a checking account or credit card into the Benefit mobile app. 

2. You are immediately notified that Benefit will place a small debit or credit (depending on your payment type) of less than $2. This amount is reimbursed to you within 2 business days. 

For credit cards we place a small charge 24 hours after you added the card to the app. 

For checking account we deposit two small amounts that we leave in your account. This typically appears on your bank statement within 1-4 days.

3. To use the app we ask that you login to your checking account or credit card statement, locate the small amount that we debited/credited and enter that total into the Benefit app. Doing so confirms that you have access to both the payment type AND the online account information.

4. Once the amount is entered into the app your account has been verified and you can begin purchasing cards. We will never ask for your payment information again for future purchases. 

Here is a video about the process: How to add a payment method

We do not store your credit card information in the app or on our servers. We use Braintree, a division of PayPal. To learn more, visit

We do not store your bank information in the app or on our servers. We use SynapsePay, a nationwide payment processor. To learn more, visit


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