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How do I redeem a card?

Redeeming a card is quite simple. Once you purchase a card you are instantly delivered a barcode and/or card number and pin directly in the app. 

Simply show the cashier the phone and tell them you are paying with a gift card. Depending on the store's point of sale system they will either scan the barcode or manually type the card number and pin in. 

Once the transaction is complete be sure to collect your receipt! In some cases the Benefit app is not able to automatically update the balance on your gift card. In those cases, simply tap the update balance button below the card and enter the remaining balance as it shows on your receipt. 

For additional instruction tap the “Info” tab on each retailer card. There you will find the full terms and conditions on the card as well as redemption instructions. 

Be aware that there are a few retailers that require a print out of the gift card. You will see a warning message in the "Buy a new card" screen. These retailers do not have the ability to type in a gift card number on their registers, and they require the paper. While this is inconvenient, the demand outweighs the struggle. Retailers who are a bit behind in technology are working to catch up by updating registers to enable the ability to scan a phone.

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