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How are earnings paid?

On the 20th of each month, an electronic check is created and sent to the causes specified payment email address, as long as your cause has raised at least $10. If you've raised less than $10, the funds roll over into the next month. The payment email is located within the settings in the reporting tool. This can be updated at any time by clicking the Account Settings link in the header of the reporting tool. 

If you are supporting a life expense the earnings are sent to the email address associated with your Benefit account. You can update this by going into the settings within the Benefit app. 

Electronic checks can be deposited just like physical checks. Simply open the email, click the link to retrieve your check, and print it out. The check will include written instructions to ensure it is printed properly. Be sure to check the print preview and set your printer's option to scale to fit the page, in order to avoid the check numbers being cut off the page. The check also includes instructions for your banker, if they are wary about a printed check.

To read more about how electronic checks work, visit our check partner, Deluxe.

Sending an electronic has several advantages over paper, but most notably it allows us to keep our transactions cost low so more money can go to your favorite causes. 

If you are an eScrip cause you will see a direct deposit, not an eCheck. Your normal payments will continue with your Benefit Mobile earnings included in your monthly ACH. You will see a line item on your eScrip report that says "Benefit". If you do not see the line item, your funds have not been paid by eScrip. Look for the payment the following month. You can see all of your individual transactions/earnings at


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