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Who can participate with Benefit?

Any individual looking to contribute up to 20% of their everyday spend towards the things that matter most can use Benefit. And while it's a great way for consumers to give through their spend, it's also a proven solution for schools, non-profits and businesses alike. Here are just a few of the ways that Benefit is used by our customer base. 

Parents and donors experience fundraising fatigue are looking for more passive ways to raise funds without asking for a dime. This includes almost any non-profit, booster/athletic program, or religious organization. Benefit provides a frictionless way to raise funds with minimal effort and no administrative cost. 

Health Insurance Companies
Health insurance companies are looking to strengthen their relationship with policyholders. ACA has brought on more individual policyholders that insurance companies need to nurture and the cost of healthcare has continued to climb at a rate well above household incomes. Insurance companies are looking to push the Benefit mobile application as a loyalty plan that enables their policyholders to save money for their healthcare expenses.

Mobile Phone Companies & Other 
Large mobile phone companies are looking for ways to differentiate and help their consumers pay for their services. Other consumer driven companies in competitive spaces are also looking for ways to differentiate and strengthen their relationship with their customers.

Financial Institutions 
Financial institutions want to improve their profitability by dramatically increasing the amount of interchange fee revenue on each debit or credit card they have issued and improve their activation, usage and retention of their customers. They also want to strengthen their relationships with local businesses and fundraising groups. This market numbers in the thousands and includes banks, credit unions and large mono-lenders.

Financial Service Providers
Thousands of smaller financial institutions outsource their technology and delivery systems to large providers who will serve as an important distribution channel for Benefit to reach those smaller institutions. Benefit will provide the service providers a new and substantial revenue stream for transactions in the Benefit Wallet.

Scrip Fundraising
The scrip fundraising industry, which resells $1.5 billion a year in gift cards, will be a target as their supply chain is expensive, risky, slow, and inconvenient to all stakeholders. There are many opportunities in this market that can convert to the Benefit platform quickly and the sales cycles are relatively short. This market will realize high, organic, growth rates.

Social Media Sites
Sites looking to monetize their user bases can partner with Benefit to help their users save money for the things that matter most to them. Benefit will provide the sites a new and substantial revenue stream for transactions in the Benefit Wallet.

If you are part of a business that would like explore partnership opportunities please drop us a line.

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