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How is this different from scrip fundraising?

Scrip programs typically require you to plan out their weekly shopping in advance. You have to know where you're going to be a week in advance. Orders are placed and the physical cards are delivered days later. Many individuals choose not to participate because of the cumbersome nature of the process.

Benefit allows a user to buy and redeem a card instantly all while standing in the checkout line. It allows you to buy what you need at the exact time you need it, all from a mobile device. Card balances and contributions no longer have to be a guessing game as they are both tracked within the app.

While it makes things significantly easier for the participant, it also greatly simplifies things for the school and non-profit. There is no need to take orders, exchange money or carry card inventory. With Benefit you simply get the word out to your potential donors and we’ll do the rest. Every month you will receive a check, and our reporting tool will help you allocate it properly.

Benefit can be a great addition to your existing physical card scrip program. For the tech savvy or those individuals that found the physical program too complicated, Benefit offers a great alternative to encourage greater fundraising participation.

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