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How does Benefit work?

For our mobile users

Benefit works by buying and redeeming mobile gift cards instantly from your phone as a method of payment. This can be done at home while shopping online or in-store at checkout. Every purchase results in a percentage of the transaction being contributed to the cause of your choice. It might be a child's education, a local non-profit, or just a general life expense. You pay and Benefit gives. Where it goes is up to you. 

Keep in mind that while these are called gift cards, there's very little "gift" about them. Think of them more as store credit. You purchase what you want, when you want, and are delivered a barcode or card number for instant redemption. The app will then help you track your card balances.  

Here's a quick example of Benefit in action:

Sara walks into a Gap store and finds a pair of blue jeans she wants to purchase. She takes them to the checkout line, and the cashier tells her the total cost for the jeans is $47.18. Instead of pulling out the credit card, Sara reaches for her mobile phone and opens the Benefit app. She quickly taps on "Buy a Card" and enters $47.18 as her desired amount. Within three seconds she is given a barcode that she presents to the cashier for payment. The cashier scans the barcode and Sara is on her way. 

So why did Sara choose to use Benefit instead of just pulling out her credit card? By using the Benefit app at checkout 8% of the purchase price, or in this case $3.77 was directed towards her son's tuition bill. If Sara had chosen to use her credit card the entire transaction amount would have gone to the Gap. You can imagine how quickly this adds up throughout the year.  


For schools and non-profits

Imagine being a cause and having a hundred people like Sara all supporting you through their everyday shopping. With Benefit you don't have to imagine it. We provide a way to raise funds without friction. There is no cost and nothing to buy. Causes simply spread the word. When individuals download the app and choose to support them through their everyday spend, the cause wins.

With the free Benefit reporting suite, you can create campaigns, set targeted money goals, invite donors and track your contributions. Each month we'll send a check for what you've raised. It truly is frictionless fundraising. 

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