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Can all cards be redeemed at checkout from my phone?

Unfortunately, not yet. While that is our goal at Benefit we have to move at the speed of the retailers. Some retailers are equipped for in-store mobile redemption while others are not yet prepared. Each retailer has a label on the front of their card that tells you whether or not they allow for in-store mobile redemption.

There are three ways to redeem cards:

  • In-Store - This is our dream scenario. Purchase a card using the app at checkout and redeem it immediately directly from your mobile device!
  • Online - Cards purchased from Benefit can be used during online checkout are your favorite website’s online store.
  • Print - Boo! We support print redemption for retailers that don’t have the ability to accept payments directly from your phone at the point of sale. You’ll have to email the card that you purchased within the app and then print it out. Take the printed copy into the store to pay with it.

Pay close attention to the retailer’s redemption label. These will change as technology changes. We hope we can save some trees and get every retailer to support In-Store & Online redemption. We love trees! Yay trees!

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