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I’m having trouble verifying my checking account.

To protect your security, we place two secret deposits into the account that you specify within 1-4 days of you entering your account information. Once you receive the deposits, enter the amounts into the payment verification screen in the mobile app. This will verify your account.

94% of our users do not have an issue entering their payment method. For the other 6%, they are usually having an issue finding the verification amounts.

If you do not see a deposit 4 days after entering your banking information, you should contact your bank and ask for assistance finding the two deposits. The deposits will say Benefit/Synapse and will be less than $0.99.

If you entered your bank account information and have not seen your small verification amounts after 4 days and you've contacted your bank already, please contact us. You may see the automatic email from us, saying that we placed a deposit into your account. This is an automatic email only, and is not confirmation of a deposit.


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