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What fees are associated with using Benefit?

The beautiful thing about Benefit is there are no charges for the organizations or the donor/shopper to use the app and reporting tool. All transaction costs are handled on the backend and what you see in the app is exactly what you earn for your chosen cause (with the exception of causes choosing to have a check sent)

The only fees associated with Benefit are as follows:

Monthly Check Fee

Benefit charges a $1 fee for all monthly checks sent to causes as well as individuals supporting their own life expenses. This is for the administration and delivery of the check. So, if monthly donations from all individuals total $200, Benefit issues a check to that cause for $199. If you're an eScrip related group, your funds are direct deposited, and the $1 fee is not applicable. If you’re not an eScrip related group, direct deposit options are coming soon. For questions regarding eScrip payments please contact them directly

Bounced Check Fee

When a purchase is made within the app using a checking account there is a $20 bounced check fee that is applied if the account comes back with insufficient funds. Benefit will contact the user, and attempt to withdraw the original amount again in 7 days, with the $20 fee included. If the second attempt to withdraw fails, this fee will be sent through a Paypal request to the email address associated with the user's account. It can be paid with either a credit card or checking account. The organization is not liable for bounced checks, or collecting funds. The fees apply to the user.


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